Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The ISCF’s Australian member organisation, the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council, is developing a document about intellectual property (IPR) in stem cell science. This IPR  ‘landscape’ document will:

Detail the broad criteria for patenting of stem cells throughout the world (noting any significant difference between countries).

Identify those stem cell techniques that may theoretically be subject to patenting, applying the broad criteria.

Describe the approach adopted by the Patent Offices in a number of countries in relation to the patenting of stem cell technologies.

Identify the extent to which patents have already been granted in relation to stem cell technologies, including the nature of the patents granted.

Describe the means by which various countries are attempting to ensure ongoing access to stem cell resources to encourage further research and development.
It will also include a general introduction to IPR, the various ways in which intellectual property can be protected by individuals and organisations, and relevant international conventions, treaties and agreements.

A pdf of the final document will be available soon.

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