Download the Raw Data

The data for the stem cell registry is available for researchers to download and analyse for themselves. It was a condition of the study that all data would be published in the public domain.

Reference Documents

When analysing the data please refer to the following documents:

Raw Data

LDA Data from the samples analysed. The samples are run in triplicate and have not been normalised. Please refer to the Gene ID table for the positive control used on the LDA assay that can be used as normalisers.

Flow cytometry (FACS) data is a combined table of the analysed data as supplied by the participants.

Linked files

Word file (.doc) Antibody Codes [39kb]

Excel file (.csv) Flow Cytometry (FACS) data [267kb]

Word file (.doc) Gene ID [129kb]

Excel file (.xls) Gene List [187kb]

Excel file (.xls) LDA data [27651kb]

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