ISCI third workshop

A Third International ES Cell Workshop was held at the Jackson Laboratory from 19th – 22nd October, 2007.  At this workshop the two arms of the ISCI-2 project, the comparison of the different proposed defined culture media and the genetic stability study were discussed in depth.  The plans developed by the steering committee for these studies were outlined to the participants highlighting ‘nuts and bolts’ of the proposed experiments and the potential issues/ questions that may arise during the study.  Participants were then divided into four break-out groups and tasked with discussing the media study in detail and reporting back to the group as a whole taking into consideration the practicalities of carrying out the proposed scheme of work and identifying any potential pitfalls.  Finally the whole group formally agreed to carry the work forward as discussed.

The second day of the workshop focussed on the continuation of the registry activity.  Proposals were put forward by invited parties as to how the registry should be taken forward, and plans approved by the steering committee were agreed.  A final session of the workshop addressed possible future activities of ISCI.  In this session the possibilites of a consortium wide proteomics study of human ES cells, miRNA expression and development of futher expperimental tools (vectors, genetic manipulation strategies etc) were disscussed as a possible  basis of an ‘ISCI-3.’  The consortium agreed to meet anually at The Jackson Laboratory.  

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