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ISCF 2008 Press Release

28 Feb 08

ISCF 2008 Press Release

Milestone reached in sharing international stem cell knowledge

18 Jun 07

More than 80 leading scientists from around the world have shared their knowledge about human embryonic stem cell lines to accelerate the discovery of potential therapies.

DFG (Germany) Puts Forward New Recommendations for Stem Cell Research External Link

10 Nov 06

DFG Puts Forward New Recommendations for Stem Cell Research

Medical Research Council publishes "Stem Cells - MRC Research for Lifelong Health" External Link

09 Nov 06

This booklet focuses on MRC-funded research into stem cells, including the exciting potential these have for repairing damaged body tissues and replacing them with healthy new cells. It also discusses challenges surrounding stem cell research and what the MRC is doing to address these, and gives an overview of regulation in the UK and worldwide.

New GMP lab at Centre for Stem Cell Biology External Link

26 Jan 06

Colin Blakemore, Chief Executive of the Medical Research Council, was at the University of Sheffield today to officially open a new laboratory capable of producing embryonic stem lines that can be used in medical treatments.

International Stem Cell Forum welcomes three new members

19 Jan 06

The ISCF at its Annual Meeting, hosted by Inserm in Paris, welcomed three new members: the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Italian National Institute of Health, and the Californian Institute of Regenerative Medicine.

Medical Research Council welcomes UK Stem Cell Initiative report

04 Jan 06

The Medical Research Council has welcomed Sir John Pattison’s report into stem cell research in the UK and overseas.

NIH Awards a National Stem Cell Bank and New Centers of Excellence in Translational Human Stem Cell Research External Link

03 Oct 05

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director, Elias A. Zerhouni, M.D., announced today that the NIH has awarded $16.1 million over four years to fund a National Stem Cell Bank and $9.6 million to fund two new Centers of Excellence in Translational Human Stem Cell Research for four years.

A mum’s child is always in her mind?

10 Aug 05

A team of scientists from NUS, SGH and IMCB in Singapore have discovered that some fetal stem cells are able to cross the blood-brain barrier into the mother’s brain during pregnancy and differentiate into different types of neural cells.

Stem cell transplants to cure Leukaemia feature in Australian ‘10 of the Best' booklet External Link

02 Aug 05

The ‘10 of the Best' booklet written for the general public provides details of ten medical research projects conducted in Australia. It includes Associate Professor Geoffrey Hill's work on stem cell transplants to cure Leukaemia.

Stem Cell hope for fertility treatment External Link

20 Jun 05

CSCB scientists Professor Harry Moore and Mr Behrouz Alfatoonian are this week presenting research findings at the 'European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology's (ESHRE) annual conference that will reveal that human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) could have a future role in fertility treatment.

Researchers Grow Sperm Stem Cells in Laboratory Cultures External Link

04 Nov 04

A team of researchers working with cells from mice has overcome a technical barrier and succeeded in growing sperm progenitor cells in laboratory culture.

JDRF gives reasons for an expansion of federal stem cell policy External Link

24 Sep 04

On the third anniversary of the establishment of federal support for stem cell research, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) released a new scientific white paper today that outlines why the current policy must be expanded.

NUS and Stem Cell Technologies partner to find a cure for diabetes External Link

24 Sep 04

The National University of Singapore (NUS) and Stem Cell Technologies announced the formation of a joint venture to carry out research using adult stem cells to find a cure for diabetes.

Stem cell discovery helps in blood and vessel formation External Link

24 Sep 04

A CIHR-funded researcher has discovered the specific precursor stem cell that gives rise not only to the important cells lining our blood vessels, but also the blood itself.

Global Conference Highlights Stem Cells' Role as Models for Disease Study and Treatment External Link

19 Aug 04

Researchers at the annual International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting report on the first stem cell lines derived from embryos with genetic diseases.

Adult Stem Cell Research Alone Not Enough External Link

13 Aug 04

Dr Robert Goldstein, The JDRF's Chief Scientific Officer, puts the case for embryonic stem cell research into type 1 diabetes to the US Senate.

Japan Approves Embryonic Cloning for Research External Link

13 Aug 04

New Government guidelines will allow scientists in Japan to produce cloned human embryos for use in basic research into regenerative medicine.

Global Diabetes Research Forum External Link

24 Jun 04

Listen to this JDRF webcast to learn how they are working with partners towards a cure for type 1 diabetes and its complications.

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