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Welcome to the International Stem Cell Forum (ISCF) website.

The overall aims of this site are to support and promote good practice within the stem cell research community, by sharing information and news on the projects of the ISCF and relevant activities in each member organistion.

For more detail about the aims of the ISCF see About the ISCF.

Site structure and navigation

Main sections

The ISCF website is organised into 7 main sections, links to which are arranged in green-shaded boxes across the top of each page.  To aid usability this list of links is in the same place on each page.


Each main section contains up to three levels of sub-sections. Navigation for these subsections is displayed on the left of every page.

Navigational aids

Document downloads

Some pages on this site contain attachments (downloadable documents) in non-webpage formats.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files

Where possible attached text documents have been converted to PDFs (rather than, for example, Word documents) for ease of access.

PDFs can be read using Adobe's Reader software, which is available free of charge from the Adobe website.

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Where a text document is provided in a non-PDF format that is inaccessible to you due to software contraints please contact the ISCF web team and where possible we will provide a PDF version.

Technical problems

Any technical problems should be reported to the ISCF web team.

Members area

The ISCF website members area exists to help staff of the ISCF member organisations gain access to information about ISCF work in progress and meetings documents. If you think you qualify for access to this section please contact the ISCF representative in your organisation to arrange access.

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