CIHR Support for Stem Cell Research

The Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR) funds stem cell research in several ways:

Direct funding

Stem Cell Network

The CIHR provides money to the Stem Cell Network through the Networks of Centres of Excellence program run by Industry Canada.

The Stem Cell Network is a unique collaboration of ethicists, lawyers, biologists, bioengineers and clinicians dedicated to finding cures for some of society’s most devastating diseases, including Parkinson’s, Type 1 diabetes, stroke, hemophilia, and cardiac and ocular diseases. Its research program addresses four broad issues in bringing stem cell-based therapies to the clinic: how stem cells work at the cellular and molecular level; how to generate sufficient numbers of stem cells for clinical use; identifying the clinical protocols that will allow treatments to be effective; and examining the overarching legal, ethical and commercial issues that permeate this field.

Regenerative medicine initiative

The CIHR, in collaboration with a number of leading research organizations, ran a cross-cutting strategic initiative Regenerative Medicine and Nanomedicine: Innovative Approaches in Health Research. This strategic initiative marked the first step in the evolution of a national funding framework for Canada, and had an initial focus on the areas of Nanotechnology Development and Nanomedicine, Stem Cells, and Tissue Engineering. The initiative is now closed for applications, but can still be seen in the archive.

Indirect funding

Open competitions

The CIHR holds open competitions several times during the year for research funding for any area of health research. These programs include operating grant funding and funding for salary support and training.

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