RIKEN Support for Stem Cell Research

The RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) was launched in April 2000 in the city of Kobe, Japan to conduct studies into the basic mechanisms of development and regeneration, and to help provide scientific bases for regenerative medicine. The basic biology and potential applications of stem cells are focuses of research in several labs at the Center.

A number of CDB labs are also currently participating in a national initiative (called a Leading Project) inaugurated to promote research leading to applications for stem cells in regenerative medicine. Additional laboratory space and facility access have been provided to stem cell research projects funded under this initiative.

In addition to its scientific activities, the CDB promotes stem cell research in a number of ways. The Center works with local universities to provide research training opportunities in CDB labs to graduate students interested in the study of stem cell biology. Members of the CDB research staff actively participate in local, national and international forums, councils and societies to foster communications and collaborations between members of the research community, and the Center regularly hosts seminars, meetings and symposia on various aspects of stem cell science. The Center and its staff also work to promote public awareness of stem cell research and its potential risks and applications through activities that include media communications, town meetings, the creation of learning materials and other educational and outreach programs.

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