Swedish Research Council Support for Stem Cell Research


The Swedish Research Council funds scientific research in many different areas, including stem cell research. Various kinds of research grants are made available, including post-doctoral projects.

However, a scientist must do his/her research at a Swedish university or other scientific institute in order to be able to apply. Many applicants are non-Swedish scientists who do their research in Sweden.

The closing date for the next major round of applications is 20 April 2004.
Most of the information is available in Swedish, at http://www.vr.se/medicin/

Scientific Council for Medicine

The Scientific Council for Medicine supports research in medicine, pharmacology, odontology and healthcare sciences, and is the body responsible for funding work with stem cells.

During 2001, the Scientific Council for Medicine spent SEK 350m on basic science research. In addition, it administered nearly SEK 30m from other sponsors of joint research programmes.

The Scientific Council funds nearly 950 research projects and 130 research appointments. There are special programmes in genetic therapy, diabetes research, odontology and ethics in healthcare.

For 2002, the Scientific Council for medicine has a budget of just over SEK 360m.

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