MRC Support for Stem Cell Research

The UK Medical Research Council (MRC) supports research by:

The MRC and stem cells

Stem cell research is one of the MRC's current strategic priorities. In 2002 the MRC led a joint bid with other UK research councils, requesting additional funds for stem cell research from the UK Government. £40m was provided across the Councils to take forward the UK Stem Cell Initiative.

A cross-Research-Council Coordinating Committee is putting in place a programme of multi-disciplinary research to build on recent major conceptual and technical advances.

The UK Stem Cell Initiative

Funding stem cell research

As well as accepting applications for stem cell research through its regular grant schemes, the Council will be issuing coordinated calls for proposals from time to time in strategically important areas. 

Further calls will be advertised on the MRC website and in the scientific press.

Research training

The MRC’s support for stem cell research training includes:

UK Stem Cell Bank

A key part of the UK Stem Cell Initiative is the establishment of the UK Stem Cell Bank. The Bank is a central facility that characterises and stores ethically sourced, quality controlled adult, fetal and embryonic stem cell lines, and makes them available for medical research and clinical applications.

Further information

For more information on the MRC and stem cells, see the MRC website.

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