Useful information links

Stem cell literature and publications

Nature stem cells web focus
Articles and features on stem cells from the pages of Nature.

NIH library of resources
Links to: directories and databases, news sources, academic stem cell research programs, international research, government, professional associations, information on specific conditions.

A website giving access to a comprehensive international database on the legal, social and ethical aspects of human genetics.

Online searching of all MEDLINE journal citations, plus other life-science journals, and in many cases links to sites providing the full text article and other related resources.

A vast database of health information and links from the US National Library of Medicine, covering the whole range of medical conditions, treatments (including specific medicines) and more.

ISSCR literature listing
Monthly listings of selected primary and review articles relating to stem cell research.

Banks and registries

NIH embryonic stem cell registry
Registry of lines (plus characterisation data) available for use in US federally-funded research.

UK Stem Cell Bank
A central UK facility that evaluates and stores ethically sourced, quality controlled adult, fetal and embryonic stem cell lines, for provision for medical research and clinical applications.

Swedish Stem Cell Bank
Awaiting info from Sweden

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