ISCF Ethics Working Party Representatives

(Updated: January 2008)

ISCF members ISCF Ethics Working Party Representative
Academy of Finland Dr. Salla Lötjönen
Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Dr. Clive Morris
Californian Institute for Regenerative Medicine Dr. Geoff Lomax
Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Dr. Bartha Knoppers

Rosario M. Isasi
(Academic Secretary)
[email protected] 

Chinese Academy of Sciences No member appointed.
Czech Science Foundation Dr. Josef Kure
Danish Centre for Stem Cell Research No member appointed.
Deutsche Forschungsge Meinschaft Dr. Klaus Tanner
INSERM (France) Dr. Jean-Claude Ameisen
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Professor Michel Revel
Italian National Institute of Health No member appointed.
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Dr. Jacob P. Harney
National Institutes of Health (USA) Dr. Thomas H. Murray
Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development Prof. Guido de Wert
RIKEN (Japan) Mr. Douglas Sipp
Singapore Biomedical Research Council Dr. Alan Colman
South Korea Dr. Och-Joo Kim
Spain No member appointed.
Swedish Research Council Prof. Jan Wahlstrom
Swiss National Science Foundation No member appointed.
Medical Research Council (UK) Prof. Genevra Richardson

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