Czech Science Foundation

Czech Science FoundationThe Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA CR) - Czech Science Foundation was established in April 1993 by the Czech law No. 300/1992 as an independent institution that should promote progress over the whole range of scientific and technological development in the Czech Republic. Grants are provided to all kinds of Czech state and private research and development institutions and to private persons who are Czech citizens and reside permanently in the Czech Republic. Foreign private persons and institutions can cooperate in work on the grant projects.

The basis of the funds available is provided by the state budget, but contributions from other sources, such as the industry, foundations, private donations, etc., are also possible.

Public competition is arranged in regular intervals for scientific and technological grants, the proposals are peer reviewed and the selected projects are funded, with tight control of the use of the finances granted. The general policy of GA CR stresses high-quality interdisciplinary projects, those carried out in cooperation of several institutions (Academy of Sciences, universities, industrial research institutions, etc.), projects involving international cooperation and proposals fitting in cert ain priority areas.

The Grant Agency is administered by a Presidium appointed by the government of the Czech Republic. The Presidium is authorized to organize tenders for scientific and research projects and to award grants. The Presidium is assisted in these tasks by   Discipline Committees set up in five general branches of science; it is also advised by additional subcommittees, i.e. groups of specialists organized according to scientific and technical fields. Together these committees undertake the work of evaluating the grant proposals received.

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