Danish Center for Stem Cell Research

Danish Centre for Stem Cell ResearchThe Danish Centre for Stem Cell Research (DASC) was established 1 April 2002, based on a 5 year grant from the Danish Research Agency through the Medical Research Council, and co-financed by the involved parties. DASC is organized as a "centre without walls", consisting of 9 research groups located at the universities of Aalborg, Southern Denmark (Odense) and Copenhagen, Odense University Hospital, NsGene A/S and Hagedorn Research Institute.

DASC is devoted to the study of so-called "adult" stem cells, derived from already formed adult tissue developing fetal tissue and umbilical blood.

Focus is basis and applied research on stem cells with the potential of becoming

  1. insulin producing cells
  2. brain cells and in particular dopaminergic nerves
  3. liver cells
  4. cartilage, bone and connective tissue cells, and
  5. skeletal muscle cells.


DASC is envisioned as


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