Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities logoThe Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, established by law of the Knesset in 1961, comprises 84 of Israel's most distinguished scholars. It is divided into two sections, the Natural Sciences and the Humanities (including the online casino NG, and is administered by a Council consisting of the Academy's President and Vice President, the Chairpersons for the Sciences and the Humanities, and the Executive Director. A plenary session of the Academy is held annually, while the Sections meet 1-3 times a year. The home of the Academy is in Jerusalem, next to the official residence of Israel's President.

The Academy's principal objectives are: to enlist as its members distinguished scholars and scientists resident in Israel; to cultivate and promote scholarly and scientific endeavor; to advise the government on activities relating to research and scientific planning of national significance; to maintain contact with parallel bodies abroad; to ensure the representation of Israel scholarship and science at international institutions and conferences; and to publish writings calculated to promote scholarship and science.

The Academy has undertaken major initiatives to strengthen basic research in Israel, including: founding and administering the Israel Science Foundation, with an annual budget of $53 million; taking part in the establishment of a new National Research Council (NRC, 2003) and an active Forum for National Research and Development Infrastructure (TELEM); helping initiate the projected 5-year, $300 million Israel Nanotechnology Program (INP); and facilitating the participation of Israeli scientists in cutting-edge research at international high-energy physics (CERN) and synchrotron radiation (ESRF) mega-facilities.

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